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Have you ever noticed how many payday loan companies there are in the Las Vegas area? From local pawn shops to established nationwide lenders there are literally hundreds of firms that operate retail and online services throughout the area. While it’s a good thing that so many options are available, it can also create confusion and overwhelm prospective borrowers. Many first-time applicants don’t know where to turn when they first start evaluating their options. Many local payday lenders have been in the area for years and you can meet with them face to face.


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Legitimate payday loan companies have a streamlined application and you can often get approved quickly. With that, you may not know where to turn when evaluating lender differences such as interest rates, finance terms early payoff options. On top of that, some online payday advance companies may not even be licensed to provide payday loans in Nevada. It can all be very frustrating. That’s why we created this site. With Las Vegas Loans, you get the latest information and news about local payday loan companies. We also have information on local lenders and finance companies so you can make a smart informed decision.


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Did you know that most companies who offer payday loans in Nevada aren’t actually based here? That’s right, many of these lenders are licensed to provide funding in a handful of states, with Nevada often being one of them.¬†Most companies will have some type of online presence and some have retail offices. But most short term lenders that advertise online are located in other states.learn about how we respect and listen to our customers who are interested in payday loans Las Vegas That means you need to investigate any firm you move forward with. We will gladly provide advice and information on whatever lending situation you face. We’re not attorneys and don’t offer legal advice. But we have years of experience working with companies that provide payday and car title loans in Las Vegas. Use our information and resources to better understand each step of the process. We have articles are blog posts that touch on many aspects of the payday lending services in Nevada.


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Our site features an entire section of financial resources to help determine if a short term cash advance is even your best choice. We provide financial calculators and budget worksheets so you can break down the different finance rates and loan amounts that you come across. Lastly, check out our page which breaks down the different regulations that apply to residents in Las Vegas. Not only are there federal restrictions for payday loans, but you also need to be aware of state-specific rules in Nevada. There are also a few city codes and ordinances that attempt to regulate online payday loan companies. Larger cities like Las Vegas and Reno have their own lending ordinances so be sure to check your city codes before moving forward with a payday loan lender.